In Your Hands

In Your Hands


The longer I have spent as a Coach and NLP Practitioner, the more I have become aware of the rapidly increasing demand for people to regain control of their eating habits. I also realised that logistically and financially, it wasn’t viable for everyone to have a personal session and because of this……

In Your Hands was developed.

The purpose, and the unique aspect of the In Your Hands DVD is not to put anyone on a diet or to guarantee weight loss in a certain amount of days, it’s all about helping to change an unhealthy eating pattern, to eliminate something from a current food intake.

To find out more about In Your Hands and how it can help you, please visit the In Your Hands website below

Eating can very often be a ‘fix’ for whatever reason, we eat the food and it makes us feel better, temporarily, then comes the regret, the gut wrenching downer, and think “oh well, done it again, may as well carry on now because I’ve blown it anyway” I’ll start again tomorrow, or whenever……

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In Your Hands DVD


In Your Hands shows you how you could join the global community of people who are looking to ditch their current ’short-term, fake-fix’ diets and instead, quickly discover a new world of positive control!

In Your Hands contains a DVD incorporating four sections:

  • An introduction – which explains very clearly how you can take control of your cravings
  • A demonstration – so you can witness how an already successful In Your Hands client gets the most out of the experience
  • The main session – this is where you could quickly show your cravings who is in charge!
  • Visualisation technique – an optional section that reinforces what you have just achieved in the main session, and also…..
  • An 8 page booklet to accompany all of the above sections

The entire four sections will take around 45 to 50 minutes, therefore in less than an hour you could make a start on improving your current eating pattern and as a result, make a start on transforming your life.

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the futureDeepak Chopra