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I really hadn’t been happy with the way I looked for a long time and had tried every fad diet going, I did the usual yo-yo ‘thing’ where I would lose a bit of weight and put it straight back on again when I came off the diet (most just aren’t sustainable long term). I came to realise that the healthy eating option was the way forward for me but couldn’t stop wanting crisps and nuts, so when someone mentioned the In Your Hands technique, even though it seemed a bit too good to be true, I tried it. It was nothing like I’d ever done in my life but, wow, did it have an impact. To be honest, I still don’t even like looking at my previous ‘addictions’, which is a problem I can live with! Slowly and without much effort at all, I got to my desired weight and can look at myself and feel happy, best of all, I know that this IS sustainable for me. Becky H, Herts

I convinced myself that I had an under-active thyroid which had gone undiagnosed and this gave me the excuse for being a few pounds heavier that I felt comfortable with. I had an In Your Hands session with Pam and then came to realise that it was just that, an excuse. I cut out the sweet stuff and hey presto, am 10lbs lighter. Julia R, Kent

After my son was born, I was so consumed with attending to his every need, my eating pattern went right to the back of the queue. Apart from an evening meal, from the time I got out of bed I was grabbing anything that was quick, easy and obviously, unhealthy. After a session, this stopped almost immediately and I felt like I really didn’t want the quick-fix food anymore. It was like something clicked in my brain and I pretty much got back into the eating pattern I had previously. I have recommended this to many of my friends, it’s amazing! Suzy J, London

I understand Pams thinking when she says that In Your Hands isn’t just about weight loss. But the way I see it, most people would buy into the technique to lose weight, I know I did, the health aspect was secondary which I’m not particular proud to admit but I have friends who feel exactly the same way. I totally identified with the triangles where she demonstrates the how food affects our emotions, I don’t deny myself anything anymore because I just don’t want it! Not only have I lost weight (and still losing) but it turned into a cycle of losing a little and having the motivation to exercise, losing a bit more and having even more motivation – I’ve now turned into a Gym Bunny which is great because my Husband and I go the gym together, which I wouldn’t have even dreamt about 6 months ago. So, you could say it’s enhanced our relationship too – thanks so much Pam! Charlotte B, London

I have lost a few pounds since my session but the best thing about it is that my cholesterol has reduced considerably over a matter of months. I used to eat a lot of fried food, but my big weakness was cheese which I was addicted to, obviously bad news for someone with a high level of cholesterol and no doubt why I got it in the first place. The first session worked to a degree, however, I don’t think I was as creative within the session as I could have been, as Pam says, be as creative as possible…. I’ve had four sessions altogether as I felt that I wanted to concentrate on just one food type at a time. At first I didn’t touch any of them but now I can just have a little bit without wanting to binge, having said that, I can’t stomach fried food any more. Steve T, Manchester

I was getting really bad migraines, chocolate and cheese being the main triggers. The cost of a session more than outweighed the lack of headaches, I have a feeling that I’ll always be prone to them but no longer suffer on a weekly basis and they’re not as intense as they were, another bonus is that I’m sleeping better as I used to like a chocolate (caffeine loaded) fest before bedtime. I feel quite indifferent to both foods now. Lisa J, Essex

Thank you Pam, I feel so much better since my In Your Hands session, you’re right, it has put my dietary pattern in MY hands. As I’ve cut out about 80% of the rubbish from my diet I’ve got more energy, am sleeping better and ultimately, am much happier because I know I’m doing the right thing for me. It’s funny, you don’t realise what you’re doing until you stop, no way I’ll ever go back to it, anyway, I have no desire for the foods that I’ve stopped eating. Mary A, Kent

I love cooking but I also love eating, especially creamy, calorie loaded meals! I wasn’t too overweight but enough to contemplate going up to the next waist size in my clothes, also, it concerned me as to what was going on inside as I was approaching the big 40! Pam was introduced to me by my wife’s friend who had success with the technique. It worked, what more can I say? Paul B, Kent


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Having had a particularly bad period in my life, and having been on anti-depressants for almost a year, I turned to Pam to see if she could help me to work through the feelings and anxieties that had caused me to feel so depressed. After just one session I managed to throw away my drugs and start my life afresh. In fact it felt to me that after the NLP session, I had never needed the drugs in the first place and my usual strong character seemed to just kick back in! My life is back on track thanks to Pam and her skills.
Sarah F, Surrey

It is now 4 months since I saw you for treatment, of what I would refer to as a very painful neck condition that had resulted in many sleepless nights and discomfort over the past three years. I had experienced total relief from pain until I returned from holiday in August. However, I used the techniques you taught me for myself and am proud to say they worked and I am back on track again. Absolutely brilliant!
Sue T, Kent

The NLP helped me overcome my phobia of being alone at night and enabled me to put it into perspective, without removing the awareness of the vulnerability and security aspects. I felt calm and in control and the fantastic thing is, that I now know I can stay on my own like millions of others and no longer have the fear – I can handle it! However, I could not have faced it without first facing my fear and eliminating it from my life. Pam had a unique way of making me feel totally at ease and not only did the session eliminate my fear, afterwards I felt the most relaxed I’ve ever felt.
Lynne J, Essex

My 11 year old Son had suffered with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for some time and after seeing a Child Psychologist which resulted in very little change, we decided to try NLP after hearing about Pam from a friend. The OCD was affecting the whole family to the point of us all having to walk on eggshells with regard to certain noises and actions whenever our Son was around.

After two NLP sessions with Pam, he is a happy boy again without the need to disappear off to his room to escape the noises of a normal, everyday family life. In his own words he says “he feels free”. He has made it clear that if in the future he needs some support, Pam will be the one he wants to provide it.
Eleanor J, Surrey

After my NLP treatment with Pam relating to my quite often unprovoked, anger and also lack of confidence, I feel calm and do not lose my temper over minor incidents like I used to.

I do not feel ‘strange’ or ‘brain washed’ which was a concern I had before the session (due to my ignorance of what NLP was really about). Straight after the treatment it felt (and still does) natural, I knew I had changed but it didn’t feel forced or unusual. After years of feeling like I was not in control of my own emotions, I’m now totally in charge and my confidence has been given a tremendous boost also. My anger has not been eliminated altogether as that would be unnatural, but now I will know when and if I need to use it instead of reacting unnecessarily.
Steven M, Essex

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Comments about my coaching……

“I now realise how to live life to its’ full advantage, you helped by sometimes seeing progress where I could see none and made me laugh at the little obstacles that life very often throws my way, I have gained insight and perspective into the things that were working and the things that were holding me back”
Rebecca J, Surrey

“You very quickly identified my need to uncover necessary issues and I thought your use of questioning was fantastic, albeit sometimes surprising, this really made me think – and helped me to understand that I really want and require change”
Ian M, Kent

“You were there at a particularly vulnerable and stressful time of my life and provided me with timely support which is just what I needed, the assistance of an objective professional”
Tony K, West Sussex

“Throughout the session, you did challenge me which I feel is what I need as I can easily make excuses for not taking action. All in all, an excellent session from which I have benefited greatly, when I put down the phone I immediately started on my plan”
Jane P, London

“Coaching has provided me with some keen insights as to what motivates me and has also identified where my strengths and weaknesses are, I am now inspired to be stronger and do more with my life – both personally and professionally”
Gordon P, London

“You made me aware that I need to change some of my negative thinking whilst also acknowledging at the same time, that I am a fallible human being with varying emotions, as you say, we are all human and constantly in a state of flux. Thanks for reminding me!”
Linda P, Surrey

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